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Beautiful industrial style kitchen with a long concrete island with shelving space cut in. Love the exposed beams and asymmetrical storage space. Basically we love everything about this kitchen!

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www.nl Large concrete sheet of 10 cm thick without seams, dark gray on ikea cabinets with Koak Design wooden fronts. www.

Combinando materiales en una cocina

Modern Kitchen Design : Fitted kitchen with island without handles CLOE COMPOSITION 2 by Cesar Arredamenti design Gian Vittorio Plazzogna

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Lámparas de mimbre para darle el toque rústico a tu hogar

Cocina minimalista con las lámparas Unfold - http://www.nordika.mx/unfold-negro.html

how to decorate a kitchen w/ grey & black, w/o overly darkening the room. tip: use white walls, roof & display white bowls to brighten the room. tip add a pastel colour to add femininity & softness to the concrete floors & table.