Buenos Aires, Argentina

Argentina, CAMINITO, the famous street of Carlos Gardel in Buenos Aires. Caminitos is in the top Must see Places" in Buenos Aires.

Buenos Aires

One of my dreams is to travel across South America. Argentina and Buenos Aires seem like perfection.

Buenos Aires, ARGENTINA

Vieja esquina en San Antonio de Areco, Argentina, by Fernando Rey been here.

Casa Rosada, Buenos Aires, Argentina

La Casa Rosada (Spanish pronunciation: [ˈkasa roˈsaða], English: The Pink House) is the executive mansion and office of the President of Argentina.

Una de las 10 librerias mas sorprendentes del mundo: El Ateneo, Buenos Aires, ARGENTINA

"El Ateneo" Bookstore, Buenos Aires"Argentina by Taylor Moore --- My fav place in BsAs .was a theather and now is a bookstore, is amazing Karina Apipilhuasco

Jacarandás desde el cielo. Abajo, Av. Figueroa Alcorta y Salguero. Buenos Aires.

Buenos Aires turns purple in November when the Jacaranda trees are in bloom.

Domes in Buenos Aires

Cúpulas y Arquitectura de Buenos Aires - Imagenes geniales

buenos aires

Jacaranda en flor, Buenos Aires I remember these beautiful trees! delicate (& purple too!

El Abasto, centro comercial, Buenos Aires, ARGENTINA

Buenos Aires Art Nouveau

Art Nouveau building in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Faena Hotel. ARGENTINA

Buenos Aires' Faena Hotel and Universe: The hip Faena Hotel attracts trendsetters with nighttime hotspots like the intimate pool area.

FILETEADO PORTEÑO: Buenos Aires, calle Jean Jaures 715 ("Paseo del Filete") frente pintado por Mariano Miguel Capiello.

The "porteños", residents of Buenos Aires, love their street art called Fileteado. It corresponds to the cultura of the Tango