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How The 12 Apostles Died
How The 12 Apostles Died [Infographic] - Imgur
two men standing next to each other with the words where peter is, there is the church
Quote/s of the Day – 29 June “Where Peter is, there is the Church. Where the Church is, there is Jesus Christ. Where Jesus Christ is, there is eternal salvation.” St Ambrose (340-397) One of the original four Doctors of the Church#mypic
two men with long hair and beards are facing each other, one is holding a cross
JUNE 29. ST. PETER & PAUL.- Happy Solemnity!
an image of two men with the words st peter and st paul
~Sts. Peter and Paul
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How All the Apostles Died & Where You Can Find Their Remains Today -
What happened to the apostles. Where are they buried today?thecatholictreasurechest.com/floapost.htm / ChurchPOP
two men are standing next to each other
Get to Know Jesus' 12 Apostles, Including Peter, John, and More
Meet the 12 Apostles of Jesus Christ: Matthew
jesus and his men on the boat in the sea with one man pointing at something
Search results for: 'jesus with disciples' - GoodSalt
Jesus Chooses the Disciples
two people standing in the water with a net on their backs and one man holding a fishing pole
The Calling of Saint Peter and Saint Andrew (Vocation de Saint Pierre et Saint André) - James Tissot - WikiArt.org
The Calling of Saint Peter and Saint Andrew (Vocation de Saint Pierre et Saint André) - James Tissot
a painting of jesus surrounded by other people
He Appeared to the Eleven by Tissot
He Appeared to the Eleven by James Tissot {c.1886-94} ~ Jesus after His Resurrection
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Sunday Catholic Mass Readings For March 29, 2015
"The Communion of the Apostles" -- by James Tissot
a man in a priest's outfit standing on a balcony next to a building
National Geographic
St. Paul's Tomb Unearthed in Rome Basilica of St. Paul's Outside-the -Walls
an image of jesus and the three wise men in front of a building with pigeons
Museum of Art Homepage
The Denial of Peter, Carl Bloch, Carl Bloch, On display at the BYU Museum of Art, March through May 2014
a golden key laying on top of a white marble slab with the words you are peter and upon this rock i will build my church and the gates of hell shall not shall
a painting of the virgin mary with her hands clasped in front of her chest and eyes closed
O Queen of Apostles, pray for us! Pray for us who entrust ourselves entirely to you. Pray for us, so that we may never offend Jesus, but love him with all our heart. O Mother, we take refuge under your mantle everyday. www.daughtersofstpaul.com