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a bicycle parked in front of a colorful building
facade burano italy by Galaup Laurent / 500px
a table with two cups and saucers on it in front of an open window
a lake surrounded by trees in the middle of it's green and yellow foliage
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a cobblestone street with purple flowers in the foreground and white buildings on either side
Medieval Borough of Castelo de Vide
Castelo de Vide, Portugal
a living room filled with lots of windows next to a green couch and coffee table
.LOVE window seats & this is PERFECTION
a dirt road surrounded by green trees and bushes at sunset in the distance is an open field
a view of a pond through a fenced in area with trees and bushes on either side
Lovely place to play in the rain
an old building with flowers on the balcony
WONDERFUL WORLD | via Tumblr on We Heart It
Sweet balcony with flowers
pink flowers are growing on the outside of a house
Spanish Architecture and Bouganvelia
a bicycle parked on the side of a cobblestone street next to potted plants
Paris, France. | ck/ck
Simplemente perfecto
an iron balcony railing with red flowers growing on it and a lamp in the window
Ivy Balcony, Paris, France photo via theparis