Plataforma para una cama

Easy DIY Platform Bed

Need a new bed for your bedroom? Why not make one of these DIY platform beds? Not only would it look great but it may also be the next DIY project you’re looking for. Check out these DIY platform bed ideas!

Cómo hacer almohadones con costuras francesas.

Check out this super-quick 15 minute pillowcase with french seams from The Cottage Mama. It's a great gift idea or something to sew for your own loved ones

DIY Duvet Cover Tutorial. Has numbers for how much fabric you need for any size duvet.

DIY Duvet Cover Tutorial via Prudent Baby. This one actually has measurements for how much fabric you need for any size duvet.

Te enseñamos un paso a paso completo para hacer una hamaca como esta para nuestra casa. ¡Vivan los DIY!

Crea tu propia hamaca. Tutorial completo.

Ruffle Duvet Tutorial

DIY ruffled duvet cover from 2 flat sheets and a few extra things with basic sewing machine.

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