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a collage of photos with the image of a man in sunglasses on top of them
FYeah Soda Stereo - Gustavo Cerati
Hoy ya no soy yo...
a man playing an electric guitar in black and white
¡Cerati gracias totales!
an image of a man with sunglasses on his face and the words john taylor in different colors
Gustavo Cerati
a man with sunglasses and an american flag t - shirt
a woman sitting in the back seat of a car with her head out the window
Inicio - ARG
A un mes de la muerte de Gustavo Cerati: el recuerdo de su última gira | RollingStone Argentina
a man floating in the water with his eyes closed and planets above him, all around him
Vuelta por el Universo - Gustavo Cerati
Vuelta por el Universo - Gustavo Cerati