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Inspired by Black

Maybe it's the fresh, wet morning, or a long standing affair with whites this year..But black is the new black in my world. Loving clean and lacey lines over black. Inspired to get int he studio thanks to these pins...

Fun With Glitter

Hi everyone! Sorry I've been absent. If you're on Instagram, however, you'll notice that I've been busy. Just wanted to share some looks I've done in the past week, get ready for some glittery spam! I've been experimenting with colored eyebrows to complement eye makeup. I've also been playing around with adding jewels (nail art rhinestones) as well as "curly" cat-eye shapes. Here, I'm playing around with color blocking. I'd eventually like to do glitter gradients once I have enough shades to…

This is what the Egyptians saw...     ~that makes a lot of sense, actually...

This is what the Egyptians saw…

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'The waxing moon and the Eye of Horus at Dendera.'  Astronomical ceiling. According to Egyptian mythology Horus lost his eye during a battle with Seth (the murderer of his father Osiris) and the eye (called 'Wadjet') was subsequently healed by Thoth, who is portrayed at the right-hand side of the picture. The destruction and healing of the eye was symbolically coupled by the ancient Egyptians to the waning and waxing of the moon.

Egypt: Temple of Dendera - Smit & Palarczyk

FEATURE (Category: Africa | Egypt | all seasons | cultural-historical | history | religion)..................REGISTER for LIGHTBOXEgypt: Dendera, the cosmos of HathorEnclosed within its rugged mud brick walls the temple precincts at Dendera seem to be an island left untouched by time. Particularly in the early hours of the morning, when foxes roam around the ruins of the birth house or venture down the steep stairs leading to the Sacred Lake. Stepping into the actual temple is like entering…

Ancient Egyptian Art Print Horus Falcon Wall Decor

An 11x14 inch art print of a beautiful ancient egyptian horus falcon. The ancient Egyptian god Horus was a deity with many roles. His image and symbols can be found all through ancient Egyptian art. He is usually represented as a Falcon or a human figure with a Falcon head. In ancient Egypt the Sun and the Moon were regarded as the all seeing eyes of the great falcon god Horus. His right eye being the Sun and his left eye, the Moon. The original was a mix media painting. The art is printed…

Hathor Holding Nefertari's Hand.  This is detail of the northern face of the northwest pillar of the sarcophagus room at Nefertari's tomb, Egypt

Egypt Picture - Hathor Holding Nefertari's Hand

Egypt Picture of the Day : Hathor Holding Nefertari's Hand

THIRD EYE: Focuses on our ability to analyze, think, reason, perceive, understand, discern, dream, imagine and visualize... It is the center of personal inner vision.

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The Eye of Horus Jewelry Lapis Bronze Necklace Art | Etsy

This bronze necklace was inspired by the Egyptian Mythology and it represents the Eye of Horus - ancient Egyptian symbol of protection, royal power and good health. Horus was ancient Egyptian sky god and his right eye was associate with the sun Ra. In this handmade jewelry I use Lapis Lazuli in royal blue color, deep orange Carnelian and Pyrite gemstones, like the ones that were used in ancient Egyptian jewelry. Every piece was made by me, the base frame and the chain are solid brass, and…

Eye of Horus and/or the Eye of Ra. According to Egyptian tradition, the right eye (Ra) represents the sun and the left eye (Horus) represents the moon, healing and protection. ♥

Eye of Horus and/or the Eye of Ra. According to Egyptian tradition, the right eye (Ra) represents the sun and the left eye (Horus) represents the moon, healing and protection. ♥

Udjat Eye, ca. 945-525 BC (Third Intermediate-Late Period)


Udjat Eye, ca. 945-525 BC (Third Intermediate-Late Period) This piece housed in the Walters Museum, while small, is a gorgeous rendition of the famous Horus (or udjat) Eye. It was associated with...