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How to generate more eBook sales on Amazon KDP. Work from home and get your side hustle going!
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Online Job Search Sites - Search for Millions of Jobs in All Kinds
How to Write and Publish Ebooks with Minimal Work | TheLadyinRead.com | writing tips, writing resources, blogging tips, blogging resources, how to publish, indie authors, how to write an ebook, how to publish an ebook
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How Gina Makes A Full-Time Income As A Freelance Writer [+ How You Can Too] - Smart Side Hustle
I interviewed Gina Horkey on how to become a freelance writer and get paid to write. She spills some beans on how to get freelance writing jobs and a lot of exclusive freelance writing tips. [+ How to make money as a freelance writer] #Freelancewriter #Freelancewriting #Getpaidtowrite #Freelancewritingtips
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eBook Ninja
Here is how one eBook made me over $50,000 in one year with my blog! #makemoneyblogging #blogger
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30 Days to Make and Sell Your Ebook
how to write an e book fast and easy copy - paste templates for email marketing
Blog by Number Course – FreedomByNumber
How to write, design and launch an ebook. Step by Step course. Fast and easy way to create an ebook and make money from home.
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Why You Should Make Money Publishing Erotica - Erotica Academy
How I make $100/hr+ writing short stories on Amazon. This is an incredible side hustle to make extra money
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10 Best Self Publishing Companies For eBooks - Erotica Academy
Here are the 10 best websites to self publish your first ebook. Earn monthly passive income working from home with this amazing side hustle.
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4 Reasons Why You Should Sell Erotica - Erotica Academy
4 reasons to write/sell erotica on Amazon. This is an amazing side hustle to generate passive income that requires no skill at all. You don't even need to be a good writer!
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October 2017 Income Report: How I Made $1,738 Writing Erotica!
Self publishing erotica ebooks on Amazon is the best side hustle. I generate monthly passive income without having a big email list, spending money advertising, or promoting my books. They sell themselves. In October 2017, I made $1,738 selling erotica on Amazon. It was all passive income!
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How To Write Erotica eBook Course - Erotica Academy
Not a good writer? Don't have a big email list or big following? Well, if you write erotica on Amazon that doesn't matter! You can still generate A TON of passive income every single month!
the 5 book success tips for selling authors to follow
5 Tips To Earn Money Writing Erotica - $1,000+ Monthly Income!
Learn how to make more money writing and selling ebooks on Amazon. A must read for self published authors!
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Pros and Cons of KDP Select For Self Published Authors
Interested in being a self published author on Amazon? Learn about the pros and cons of KDP Select to see if you should enroll your ebook.
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Why You Should Make Money Publishing Erotica - Erotica Academy
Learn how I created a 5 figure ($20,000+) ebook side hustle from home!
a woman using her cell phone while sitting in front of a laptop with the text, 5 tips to designing a kickass book cover that sells $ 3
5 Tips To Designing A Kickass eBook Cover That Sells - Erotica Academy
Being a self published Amazon KDP author is tough. Learn 5 tips to design ebook covers that will SELL
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How To Write Erotica For Profit
Want to generate passive income selling erotica short stories on Amazon KDP? This is the easiest side hustle because it requires almost no skill at all! You don’t even have to be a good writer! This is perfect for stay at home mom and dads. Work when you want and make some extra money to pay down credit cards and save for retirement!