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Existen 37 especies de zorros diferentes que se reparten la geografía del globo, todos ellos adaptados a sus entornos perfectamente para que puedan prosperar.
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Arabian Red Fox
Arabain Red Fox
Arabian Red Fox( Vulpes vulpes arabica) photographed by Kinan Echtay in Dubai UAE on 6th June 2015

Arabian red fox (vulpes vulpes arabica).

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Arctic Fox
Arctic Fox (Vulpes lagopus) / Renard arctique / Image by anne_lindner_naturfotografie (Annes Fotografie) from instagram

Artic fox (vulpes lagopus).

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Bat-Eared Foxes: A Mix Of Everything That Is Cute
bat eared fox close up - Google Search

Bat-eared fox (octocyon megalotis).

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Bengal Fox
Bengal Fox

Bengal fox (vulpes bengalensis).

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Blandford's fox (vulpes cana).

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Photo Playful Cubs by Laura Dyer on 500px
Cape-Fox and Babies,

Cape fox (vulpes chama).

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Chilla fox (pseudalopex griseus).

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The corsac fox (Vulpes corsac), also known simply as a corsac, is a medium-sized fox found in steppes, semi-deserts and deserts in Central Asia, ranging into Mongolia and northeastern China. Since 2004, it has been classified as least concern by IUCN, but populations fluctuate significantly, and numbers can drop tenfold within a single year
Corsac fox
Corsac Fox (Vulpes corsac)

Corsac fox (vulpes corsac).

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Crab-eating fox (cerdocyon thous).

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zorro del sur | Ensenada, Puerto Varas, zorro culpeo Pseudal… | Flickr

Culpeo (lycalopex culpaeo)

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Zorro chilote o zorro de Darwin (Darwin's fox) - Lycalopex fulvipes. Es un cánido endémico del sur de Chile. Fue descrito por primera vez en 1834 por Charles Darwin, quien lo clasificó erróneamente como una subespecie del zorro chilla (L. griseus). Se considera una de las especies de cánidos en mayor riesgo de extinción en el mundo. No tiene subespecies. [Wikipedia]
Darwin's fox

Darwin's fox (pseudalopex fulvipes).

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Пустынная красная лисица Vulpes vulpes pusilla
Adorable. The white-footed fox, a.k.a. the desert fox, is a small, Asiatic subspecies of red fox.
The desert fox (a.k.a. white-footed fox) is a small, Asiatic subspecies of red fox living throughout most of the northwestern Indian subcontinent.

Desert fox (vulpes vulpes pusilla).

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Look at These Precious Fennec Fox Kits That Just Debuted at Zoo Wrocław

Fenec fox (vulpes zerda).

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hoary fox - Pseudalopex vetulus

Gray fox (urocyon cinereoargenteus).

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Pes šedý

Hoary fox (Lycalopex vetulus).

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Island fox (urocyon littoralis).

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Kit fox native to California

Kit fox (vulpes macrotis).

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Maned fox (chrysocyon brachyuru).

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Pale fox (vulpes pallida).

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Pampas (lycalopex gimnocercus).

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European fox (Vulpes vulpes crucigera)
Red Fox (Vulpes vulpes) with pups - ZdoRodZ
Attila Kobori on Instagram: “Red fox (Vulpes vulpes) in the Romanian Carpathians back in 2018 on tour with @bernhardschubertphoto #wild_photography_hub_…”

Red fox (vulpes vulpes).

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thecatdogblog:     Rüppell’s fox by eyal.bartov
Image result for ruppell's fox

Rueppel's fox (vulpes rueppellii).

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Sechuran Fox.
SECHURAN FOX (Lycalopex sechurae)
Sechuran Fox (Lycalopex sechurae) Peru

Sechuran fox (lycalopex sechurae).

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Silver fox (vulpes vulpes).

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