Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico is PARADISE. A wonderland with must see beaches, an enchanting rainforest, breathtaking views, amazing food, great music, and the best people! ❤️…
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a table and chairs sitting on top of a wooden deck
Culebra Puerto Rico
the entrance to an apartment building with three doors open and people sitting at tables in the background
El Quenepo- Vieques
an aerial view of the beach and ocean in front of some green land with trees
a red and black checkered background with text that reads, may your peril skin be crispy, coquito strong, and tolerance level on max for the
Puerto Rico here I come! Lol
a tweet that reads, i don't think people truly understand what it means
a black and white photo with the words harris written in spanish on it
the text is written in spanish and has an image of a man with a flag on it
Triste realidad
Amo mi isla pero amo mas darle mejor calidad de vida a mis hijos.
an image of the ocean and sky with some words in spanish on it's screen
Rio Grande, PR
an old ship in the middle of the ocean at sunset with another boat nearby on the water
El patio de Papi
the sun is setting over some trees and people are standing on the hill looking at it
Mi bandera en el cielo 🇵🇷
the words ponce written in spanish are shown above a photo of fire and flames
Ponce es Ponce
a man jumping in the air over some food on top of a pile of sandwhiches
a large star painted on the side of a cement wall next to water and clouds
Playa Montones