How to make easy chocolate flowers for decorating cakes and cupcakes Love sharing all the new stuff here on Pintrest!! Christy Tusing Borgeld

Springtime Flowers in Chocolate!~ A Cake Decorating Blog Tutorial

Pastel de cumpleaños

Rainbow doodle birthday cake from Sweetapolita (tons beautiful dessert ideas there!) Let your kids draw on their own birthday cake! How fun is that?

Tamaño de tartas. Que buena idea para calcular el tamaño de nuestras tartas segun el numero de invitados. A nuestro Charamuscos les va a ser de gran ayuda

Betty Crocker Recetas e Ideas - Latin America

Tiered Sand Castle Cake

Styrofoam Cinderella Castle #8

use edble gitter Styrofoam Castles. Each castle comes preassembled and is very light weight. Easily airbrush, pipe on with buttercream, or color with a marker to add detail. Make bea

striped cake recipe

How To Make A Striped Cake. Ya never know when you might need a striped cake.

Cómo hacer un pastel animal print

How to make cake effects. Leopard print, zebra, polka dot, etc.I want a leopard print baby shower cake when it's time

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