Corn snake

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Corn Snake, a North American species of Rat Snake, and though harmless are often killed due to their superficial resemblance to the Copperhead. Rat Snake, Pretty Snakes, Beautiful Snakes, Spiders And Snakes, Colorful Snakes, Power Animal, Reptiles And Amphibians, Cool Pets, Snakes

Corn Snake

Pantherophis guttatus May, 2012. New Jersey. A beautiful gravid female from the New Jersey pine barrens. A common species in the coastal plain pinelands of the southeastern Unitted States, the Corn Snake reaches its northern range limit in New Jersey. Habitat loss and illegal collection has reduced its numbers in New Jersey and it is only found in a few scattered locations in the southern reaches of the state. The Corn Snake is listed as an Endangered species in New Jersey.

Ghost Motley Tessera Corn Snake by Big Squeeze Constrictors, LLC Pretty Snakes, Cool Snakes, Beautiful Snakes, Pretty Animals, Cute Animals, Baby Snakes, Cute Reptiles, Corgi Mix, Animals Of The World

Ghost Motley Tessera Corn Snake by Big Squeeze Constrictors, LLC

Corn Snake Morph: Ghost Motley Tessera, Sex: Male, Maturity: Baby/Juvenile, Birth: 11th August 2018, Prey: Frozen/Thawed Mouse, Price: $225, Seller: Big Squeeze Constrictors, LLC, Last Updated: 11/04/18, ID: #20_1M81118.

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Scaleless Abbotts Okeetee Cornsnake #2019F02

Scaleless Abbotts Okeetee Cornsnake #2019F02 | BHB Reptiles Liquid error: invalid integer

Corn snakes are about as perfect a pet as snakes can be. Rat Snake, Corn Snake, Owl Moon, Red Sparrow, Fox Spirit, Pet Care, Reptiles, Snake Skin, Baby Animals

Corn Snake - Pantherophis guttatus

Learn everything about Corn Snake - Pantherophis guttatus Reptile, including health and care information. All from the real vets at PetMD.

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