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a metal sign on the side of a building that says 4 / 4 in front of it
Binz111 Orientierung in Schwarzstahl - Metall Werk Zürich AG
Binz 111 Orientierung aus Schwarzstahl. Geschossziffern und Hausnummern
Black Multifunction Waterfall PianoKey Floor mounted Sprinkler Massage Shower Head Sets System Panel
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a bathtub in the middle of a white room
a yellow power strip with two plugs attached to it and an extension cord in the shape of a lightning
Lightning Bolt Power Strip
an office chair with a skateboard on top of it
/r/diwhy skateboard chair | DIY Fails
a light switch with a blue light on it's side next to a white wall
Drippy Faucet Nightlight
three balls sitting on top of a gray couch