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6 Essential Tips On How To Massage Your Baby

"How to massage your baby." Baby is constantly building muscle and, just like us, that makes them sore. I would consider a message with some lavender essential oils to smell and candle lit. Maybe right after a warm bath and get baby relaxed for sleep.


Bedside Crib for the first couple months! Great idea so you don't have to go far when baby cries :)

Cambiador para bebés.  Varios estilos y opciones en el mismo patrón diferente.

Baby changing mat pattern - two options

Baby changing mat pattern - two different options from the same pattern, satchel-style or clutch-style mat with pockets.

Accesorios rosa

Ribbon embroidery rose: stitch spokes with very narrow ribbon. Thread a wide-eyed needle with larger ribbon. Twist the ribbon and weave over and under the spokes until it is full.

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