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a blue padlock with a key hanging from it's side on a black background
a person with their hands in the air and tied up to each other by a rope
LinkedIn Login, Sign in | LinkedIn
two black bags hanging from strings in front of a white wall with the words stop wasteing life written on it
Si ya no lo necesitas, ¿por qué no se lo das a alguien a quien le salve la vida?
a black and white poster with the words,'nn rescue'on it
20 ejemplos de figuras retóricas en publicidad - Luis Maram
a wine glass with red liquid pouring out of it and the word wine - jazz written in white
Ejemplos de publicidad efectiva y creativa -
a bottle that is sitting in the sand with words about africa written on it's side
Interview with Graphic Artist Sergiy Chebotaryov
Packaging, Marketing And Advertising
Best Branding Ever!
a drawing of a sewing machine with the words hecho a mano on it
ESTADOS DEL MUNDO (2018) - Cátedra Gabriele
an iceberg floating in the ocean with a plastic bag on it's back
El Rainbow Warrior ya está en Palma de Mallorca pidiendo menos plásticos y más Mediterráneo
a red brick with the letter e on it in front of a black background that says,'a home for everyone '
Un Hogar para Todos / A Home for Everyone