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an old manuscript with writing on it and some type of writing in the bottom right corner
wow - someone got into will's head and then wrote this...glad though, that he has said he'll "come home" after his worldwide explorations and that he's "good Zuko". my beloved rebel.
a black and white poster with the words live as a villain, die as a hero
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BANKSY Live as a Villian Art Print 4 sizes by UncivilRest on Etsy
a man standing on top of a hill with his arms outstretched in front of the sun
Anarchism: The radical notion that other people are not your property.
a comic strip with two men talking to each other and one man holding a book
becomingminimalist: (via Calvin and Hobbes Comic Strip on
two people riding on the back of a motorcycle with an arrow pointing to it's right
oat straw tea and ginger pie
oat straw tea and ginger pie
Reading, True, Love Book, Frases, Zitate, I Love Books, Activist
an image of a man wearing glasses with the words think
Noam Chomsky Quotes
Noam Chomsky
an old black and white photo of people holding signs in front of a crosswalk
Lloyd Ziff - 1st Womens Liberation March, 5th Ave, New York City, 1971
a yellow sign with red writing on it that says, so long as women are not free the people are not free
Kytha Kurin: Anarcha-Feminism (1980)
As Long As Women Are Not Free
a book cover with an arrow pointing to the right
Cover of Anarchy 14 on Disobedience, editor Colin Ward
the cover of talking schools ten lectures by colin ward, with an image of children sitting
Talking Schools by Colin Ward: "all places are learning places."
the child in the country by colin ward
The Child in the Country (Society Today) by Colin Ward
a book cover with the title field, factories and workshops tomorrow written by peter kropotkin
Kropotkin, Peter - Fields, Factories and Workshops Tomorrow
Peter Kropotkin, Fields, Factories and Workshops Tomorrow, con prefazione di Colin Ward, London, 1974
the cover of anarchism a very short instruction by colin ward, oxford university press
Anarchism: A Very Short Introduction
Anarchism: A Very Short Introduction by Colin Ward