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Small walk in closet ideas and organizer design to inspire you. diy walk in closet ideas, walk in closet dimensions, closet organization ideas.

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I just loooove the flower in Soooo clever!ru / Photo # 27 - - change the flower to a rose and put along a skirt border

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Pennsylvania Dutch Pattern - reverse and alternate in series for embroidered border

"Painting With Colour II" by Davina Nicholas

"Painting With Colour II" by Davina Nicholas

Painting With Colour II by Davina Nicholas - I love this work. Colours, composition - shapes, everything about it.

Monogram for Hand Embroidery via Mary Corbet: L

Monograms for Hand Embroidery: Delicate Spray J, K, L


Coat inspiration - Mantle -metropolitan museum of art This particular szür's embroidery is of the Kúnság-type, created in Szentistván, Borsad County in Upper Hungary.