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Elisa Ruiz Diaz

Elisa Ruiz Diaz
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How to root roses

The SECRET to propagating roses is said to be the "potato"! TIP: Before planting rose cuttings, push the bottom end into a small potato, which keeps the cuttings moist as they develop roots. It sounds crazy, but apparently it works really well.

How to grow rose cuttings with potatoes - Texas A

a pinner said.Growing rose cuttings with potatoes. The other day, I read you can propagate roses by sticking rose cuttings in potatoes, and then sticking them in the ground. I decided to try it out using my rose bush, which is blooming like crazy


From the Potala Palace, Tibet& greatest monumental structure, to another in Slovenia who& integrated in a cave. (castles of the world, malbork castle)