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3 Tendencias de Invierno 2015-2016

Coat, big scarf, black jeans, sneakers, winter look

Raoul Hausmann. Diciembre, 1923. Dadaísmo alemán.

Dadaism - Raoul Hausmann, ABCD (self-portrait), a photomontage from

Kurt Schwitters (1887-1948, German), 1921

blastedheath: “Kurt Schwitters (German, Untitled (Vanilla Chocolate No. Collage, paper mounted on paper, image size 13 x 10 cm, sheet size x cm.

by Kurt Schwitters ...

just another masterpiece: Kurt Schwitters.

Kurt Schwitters

via Denis Masharov Kurt Schwitters - 1920

Kurt Schwitters  hey is that chair caning? in a picture other than 'still life with chair caning? what what what???

SCHWITTERS Hitler Gang c. 1944 Collage Kurt Schwitters, Dadist painter and collage artist.

Kurt Schwitters (1887-1948)

The Casual Optimist : Photo

Kurt Schwitters.

Kurt Schwitters, Untitled (with an early portrait of Kurt Schwitters), Collage, x cm Sprengel Museum Hannover


Totally Drunk Edition by Studio Jimbo,

Kurt Schwitters ~ Radiating World (Merzbild 31B), 1920 (oil and paper collage on cardboard)

Kurt Schwitters ~ Radiating World (Merzbild 1920 (oil, collage)

loverofbeauty:    Kurt Schwitters   1947

Kurt Schwitters 1947 I love his work.

Kurt Schwitters, E Rates (1946)

Collage and Paper, transistoradio: Kurt Schwitters E.

"Milwaukee" by Kurt Schwitters, 1937; paper collage mounted on illustrated cardboard

"Milwaukee" by Kurt Schwitters, paper collage mounted on illustrated cardboard

The Star Kurt Schwitters 1920

Merz Picture The Star Picture, Kurt Schwitters, 1920