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a wooden table topped with bowls of fruit next to a lush green hillside covered in flowers
Italian summer
a collage of various images with words and pictures on them, including an image of fruit
an outdoor swimming pool with inflatable floats floating on it's sides and trees
an open window looking out onto a garden and field in the distance with trees, shrubs, and flowers
tea with mrs. mourning dove
an altered collage with various pictures and words on the side, including oranges
an open book sitting on top of a table next to a cup and saucer
the beach is lined with umbrellas and lounge chairs near the water's edge
evia papadatos
an alley way with shops and flags on the buildings in the background, surrounded by stone walkways
people are sitting at tables in front of a building on the side of a road
Positano Italy: Your Complete Travel Guide - Dana Berez
Croquis, Boho, Girl, Rom, Donna, Poses, Styl, Picture
an empty street with tables and chairs on the side
Positano travel blog — The fullest Positano travel guide for first-timers - Living + Nomads – Travel tips, Guides, News & Information!