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A fine Victorian red spinel, diamond and pearl pendant/brooch. Set with an oval-cut red spinel to the centre, surrounded by circular-cut diamonds forming an oval cluster within a frame of four square and four circular-cut diamonds and suspending an egg-shaped pearl on pendant drop and with a diamond-set detachable top loop, mounted in silver on gold and with detachable brooch pin in fitted case by Harvey and Gore of London, spinel with estimated weight of 5.50cts.

Victorian Red Spinel, Diamond and Pearl Pendant/Brooch - oval-cut ct red spinel - surrounded by circular-cut diamonds - egg-shaped pearl on pendant drop - by Harvey and Gore

diamond tiara

Diamond Changeable Necklace/Tiara, ca. This necklace can be fitted onto a frame in order to be worn as a tiara. It can be disassembled into 9 pieces, some of which can be refitted to be worn as earrings and dress clips. Asprey & Co, London

Stephen Webster Shark Jaw Bracelet

Stephen Webster Multistrand Shark Jaw Bracelet in Silver