Macramé knot tassel

Hang tassels from bouquet .Macramé knot tassel - /gunayyetim/bracol/ (Beautiful tassels this site!

How to make a tassel

ok IDEA __Tutorial showing how to do buttonhole stitches to cover the top of a handmade tassel. Truly elevates the sophistication and beauty of the tassel.

vol. 178 バルーンスカートタッセル、揃い踏み | ソフトファニシングとタッセル教室、インテリアデザインのトリニティ

Čaká na Vás viac než 25 nových pinov - tonka.

Neat idea for ornament or embellishing crafts - pretty tassles made from thread spools. :)

Neat idea for ornament or embellishing crafts - pretty tassels made from thread spools. Could be used for shade pull or curtain tie backs?

Un toque de personalidad y color para tus cortinas !!!! medidas 1mt. de largo consultas: almace...

Pascuala Deco::Colorful Yarn and Thread Pulls.

Tassel fringe Declercq Passementiers - Graf Parois Inspiration

[I like the intricately painted wooden frame, as well as the piece as a whole. I think, though, that with that much detail, I'd have chosen a rug with more solid color areas than that busy patterned one.

curtain tassel

I hate tassels, but this is kind of cool with the globe.