Usos del agua oxigenada en el jardín

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15 Gardening Tips and Clever Ideas

building a perfect raised bed Shari Brown Brown Brown Burkey Amber Sweaza Would be great for gardening!

Pesticida casero 1

Receta para un pesticida casero y natural

Fight Cabbage Worms, Aphids, Tomato Worms and Beetles and other little pests organically!


10 semilleros hechos con materiales reciclados

A Heart For Home: Sturdy Recycled Newspaper Pots Tutorial (“Origami Fold”)


Western corn rootworm larvae feed on root hairs and small roots. They have developed a resistance to Monsanto's biopesticide known as Bt

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Aumenta la productividad de tu huerto

To prevent beetles and other insects from destroying your tomatoes, create a mixture of one gallon of water, six drops of liquid soap, and two tablespoons of crushed hot red pepper powder. Spray this solution on your plants weekly.