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someone is knitting yarn with the words shuttle tatting 101 in front of them and an image
Shuttle Tatting for Beginners
Here is my beginners shuttle tatting tutorial post. Where I'll show you the basics of shuttle tatting.
two blue dragonflys are sitting next to each other
Beginner needle tatting. Dragonfly with crystal beads / Фриволите иглой для начинающих. Стрекоза
the instructions for how to crochet an origami flower with beads and thread
joining the last ring
there are two pins that have been made to look like snowflakes
Tatting on a paperclip (free pattern)
the instructions to make needle tatting with yarn
Needle Tatting for Beginners
three balls of yarn in the shape of hearts are being held by a woman's hand
Waffle Heart (Free Pattern with full video tutorial)
an intricately designed doily on a brown surface
When computer doesn't work
I was here quite a long time ago, but telling the truth, without a computer it is hard to write new posts. I had a fabulous Imac, 8 years ...
two spools of yarn and some scissors on a wooden table next to a lace doily
Рукоделие. Фриволите