#Drew #AdamRIP #Degrassi Saddest Degrassi moment. I'm tearing up just thinking about it!

The saddest degrassi moment. I'm just glad that it seems like Drew has gotten over the death of his brother.

luke bilyk <3 (aka) drew torres from degrassi

I don't love only football players . I love handsome football players

Degrassi Confessions

Tell me your confessions about anything Degrassi related. you give me the confession I make the picture :) confess here CONFESSION COUNT: 286 Degrassi Returns: This.

Drew and Bianca

One of my favorite Degrassi couples Drew and Bianca 😘

drew and bianca! i love their relationship!! <3

drew and bianca! i love their relationship!


KAYLA in back with teddy bear. Nik's like: "Who else wants a teddy?