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an old car is parked in front of a building with a mural on it's side
Hasta la Victoria Siempre - L'Havana - Cuba
Hasta la Victoria Siempre - L'Havana - Cuba. I really just like this picture because of that gorgeous car!
an illustrated diagram shows the different types of boats
Consejos sobre Salud | Bayer Te Cuida
Las causas de la alteración de nuestro buen ritmo intestinal son muchas: el cambio de hábitos y rutinas, el estrés de la organización del viaje y el viaje mismo, el hecho de no poder ir al baño en nuestra casa, las prisas, las comidas menos regulares y no tan saludables… ¡los enemigos están por doquier! ;-) Hoy te damos unos #consejos sobre cómo preparar la maleta para tu viaje, ¡no olvides meter en ella tu #Yobalex! #turismo
two women walking down the street in havana
Cuba | ©2024 John Galbreath
Havana, Cuba | ©2015 John Galbreath
two men sitting next to each other in front of a green wall with the words, the ultimate guide to independent travel in cuba
Backpacking Cuba: The Ultimate Travel Guide
Your one stop shop for everything you need to know about travelling in Cuba! Where to eat, where to sleep, what the weather's like, budgeting, pros & cons,'s all here :)
the top 10 best free things to do in madrid
10 Best Free Things to Do in Madrid
10 Best Free Things to Do in Madrid
an image of people walking down the street in cuba with text that reads 12 / meals / to / eat / in / cuba
12 Very Best Cuban Food To Try In Cuba
12 Absolutely Delicious Meals You Have To Try In Cuba - Hand Luggage Only - Travel, Food & Home Blog
Bradley Mountain packs Bushcraft, Sac Diy, Adventure Gear, Leather Projects, Backpack Bag, Canvas Backpack, Hiking Backpack, Tuba, Bagpack
Bradley Mountain packs
the world map with pins on it is shown in three different frames, and there are several
23 creative ways to decorate your home with your travels
For globe trotting couples, frame a neat looking map and stick pins everywhere you've been together!
there is a statue in the middle of a plaza by the water with ships in the background
Entrance to the Bay...La Habana
a red and white poster with the words keep calm and dance rumba on it
rumba... I love the culture of this dance, and I am going to take lessons if I can just find a partner and a place lol.