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The Top 12 Cakes To Bring To Your Family Reunion — Cake Wrecks

The Top 12 Cakes to Bring To Your Family Reunion: (Assuming your family has an excellent sense of humor.) (Or you just don't like them.) With this many grammar errors, you can always blame it on your younger cousins. Make sure you insist everyone sing to

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I Can Call You Boobie... — Cake Wrecks

It's Celebrate Your Name Week, my friends, so I have an extra special gift for a bunch of you with common American names: the gift... of new nicknames. Bobbie knows what I'm talking 'bout, don't ya, hon'? Yes, yes she does. So let's get to it - and fingers

The best way to say, "I'm Sorry". Cake Wrecks, Bad Cakes, Say Im Sorry, Funny Cake, Just For Laughs, Let Them Eat Cake, How To Make Cake, Funny Photos, Funny Images

Say it with cake! The shocking not-so-sweet messages that could only be said in icing

As this hilarious and unique collection of celebratory, apologetic, and 'appreciative' cakes show, love and hate come in all colours, shapes and sizes - and especially flavours.

The Golden Wreckies — Cake Wrecks Cake Wrecks, Cakes Gone Wrong, Bad Cakes, Crazy Cakes, Cake Disasters, Ugly Cakes, Wedding Fail, Dream Wedding, Macaroon Cake

The Golden Wreckies — Cake Wrecks

Welcome back to the 2011 Golden Wreckies! I'm your host, Nicky Ganache, and for this segment I'll be talking about myself in the third person. Nicky can hear you booing, everyone. Don't make Nicky get the hand puppets out again. Okay, our next award is in the category of Best Supporting Role.

The 10 Ugliest Wedding Wrecks In CW History — Cake Wrecks Cake Wrecks, Funny Wedding Cakes, Wedding Cake Toppers, Ugly Cakes, Wooden Cake Toppers, Funny Cake, Bridal Shower Cakes, Cake Makers, Wedding Cake Designs

The 10 Ugliest Wedding Wrecks In CW History — Cake Wrecks

Picking my 10 favorite ugly wedding cakes is like picking my 10 favorite children , only way easier since I don't have any kids. BEGIN. &nbsp

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Cake Wrecks

Jen started this blog in May of 2008 one night when she was bored. She honestly never thought anyone would read it. She's also not very good at picking Lottery ...

What would a holiday party be without at least one creepy looking Santa cake? Scary Food, Weird Food, Holiday Cakes, Holiday Parties, Christmas Jumpers, Christmas Holidays, Cakes Gone Wrong, Baking Fails, Santa Cake

Christmas Cake Wrecks

Medical hiatus no-typing mix...I read and appreciate all comments...Apologies for not being able to respond at the moment.

Check out these hilarious cake message fails! Epic Cake Fails, Cakes Gone Wrong, Cake Disasters, Bad Cakes, Cake Quotes, 21st Cake, Job Humor, Funny Cake, Cake Wrecks

Single serve blog: Cake Wrecks

This week, let’s visit a classic single-serve blog that even after four years is still consistently laugh-out-loud funny: Cake Wrecks. It’s a pretty simple premise — users submit photos of bakery c…

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Cake Wrecks' Top 12 Unintentionally Erotic Cakes — Cake Wrecks

Welcome, my fellow gutter-minded malcontents! Prepare to get your juvenile giggles on, because today, we are all 12-year-old boys. Oh, the irony. [insert Peter Pan joke here] "AARG! HULK TENSE! HULK... TRY RELIEVE TENSION." I bet

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Cake Wrecks - Home

Could someone please tell me what the 'artist' was trying to depict, here?!!...any guesses? :-O