Craft como una señora Spinnerin • Volumen 168 ~ bordado Puntadas

Spinnerin Volume 168 ~ Embroidery Stitches

Spinnerin Volume 168 ~ Embroidery Stitches Vintage patterns can be beautiful, which is why I bought this old Spinnerin. (front cover) Vintage patterns can also be hilariously tacky, which is why I.

RALPH & RUSSO is not only the sole British house on the couture schedule, but is also one of the more recent additions, which is perhaps why the label is so keen to constantly evolve and challenge conventions. Vogue gets a preview ahead of the show next week

What's New In The Old World Of Couture?

Lana puntada Yumiko Higuchi arte japonés por JapanLovelyCrafts

Wool Stitch - Yumiko Higuchi - Japanese Craft Book - Natural, Flower, Herb, Bird, Tree, Candy Design - DMC Wool Embroidery Threads - B1479

tessa perlow

【ρinterest: ⚜ LizSanez✫☽】 //♡Made-to-order stuff comin soon; HALTERS in the mean time here's a prototype

Skinny jeans with authentic hungarian kalocsai motif

Maybe some embroidery on my paint splattered jeans? "Skinny jeans with authentic hungarian kalocsai motif"

Blusa de Manta 100% Organica Blusa Otomi color por OtomiMexico

Black Otomi Blouse | Organic Otomi blouse | Hand embroidered multicolor blouse | Frida Khalo blouse | Mexican blouse | Manta Blouse