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an old time photo of four men with musical instruments in their hands and one man wearing a fur coat
Violin Class - Klezmer Music: Odessa Bulgarish - Non-Traditional Music - Study Unit 6.2
an old movie poster with a woman dressed as a clown and holding two hands in her other hand
Yiddish theater poster for Molly Picon in "Muchacha Del Circo" at Teatro Excelsior
an image of a man's head with different furniture in it and hebrew text
Yiddish Insult: There's no furniture in his attic.
an image of a man kissing a woman on the cheek with words written below it
When a thief kisses you, count your teeth.
a man in a suit and tie holding two glasses over his eyes with the caption'trust one eye more than two ears '
Yiddish Proverb: Trust one eye more than two ears.
an old movie poster for the rabbi's family with three people sitting at a table
Yiddish Theater in the United States | Jewish Women's Archive
Yiddish Theater - still image [media]
an old black and white photo of people standing in front of houses
An Alleged Polish Crypto-Jew; Who Wants Peasant Ancestors? Guest Blog Post by Kasia
jewish villages in russia - Google Search
an old book with hebrew writing on the front and back cover, in blue ink
Der gliḳlikhsṭer in Ḳodni / Sholem ʿAleykhem
Der gliḳlikhsṭer in Ḳodni / Sholem ʿAleykhem דער גליקליכסטער אין קאדני Varsha, 1925
an old movie poster for the film mamele, with a woman holding a broom
an old poster with hebrew writing and pictures on the front page, in gold paper
ELLissitsky_1918-2 — Postimage.org
Poster in Yiddish-Hebrew-Russian announcing an exhibition of paintings and sculpture by Jewish artists, organized by the Union of Jewish Writers and Artists, 1918. Design:(Lazar Markovich) El Lissitzky (1890–1941)
an old age poster with pictures of people
A Yiddish movie poster from The Lawndale Theater, c.1931, Chicago.
an old black and white photo of a group of people
EPYC | Slideshow
Graduating students of the folkshul (Yiddish elementary school) pose together in front of the Jewish People's Bank (labeled with Yiddish and Lithuanian signs) in Panevezys, Lithuania (circa 1924). EPYC
an old photo of men and women standing around a table with a sign on it
CJH Catalog Maintenance
Title: Rosh Hashana greeting postcard Subjects: High Holidays ; Rosh ha-Shanah ; Tashlikh ; Judaism -- Customs and practices ; Postcards ; Greeting cards ; Rosh ha-Shanah cards Is Part Of: Postcards and Greeting Cards Collection RG 122 Description: The Yiddish verse reads, "From all people and nations/You have singled us out, chosen us../Give us strength and years/That we may serve you, that we may revere you" Publisher: Warsaw Verlag Jehudia Creation Date: 1920s
long live the land of the free poster for an upcoming show in new york city
Long live the land of the free People and Places: Rumshinsky, Joseph, 1881-1956 (composer), Small, Solomon, 1868-1943 (lyricist), Keller, Jacob (illustrator) Genre: sheet music Collection Title: Yiddish Sheet Music
an old black and white photo of men playing musical instruments
Klezmer — Wikipédia
Klezmer — Wikipédia "La musique klezmer semble avoir son origine dans la musique de l'Europe de l'est et repose sur certains modes musicaux désignés par des noms de prières juives : Ahavah Rabbah2 (abondant amour) : correspond au mode Phrygien avec la tierce majeure, ou le mode majeur avec la seconde, la sixième et la septième mineures. Mi Chébérakh2 (celui qui a béni) : mode Dorien altéré, la sous-dominante est augmentée. Adnaï Malakh2 (l'Eternel roi) : similaire au mode Mixolydien..."
an old poster with the image of a man holding a paddle and wearing a hat
VoteJewishNatlList — Postimage.org
Yiddish election poster: “Unanimously Vote for the Jewish National List. Free Jews, in a Free Russia, Standing Firm and United, Can Build their Own National Life.” The banner carries Rabbi Hillel's famous Hebrew saying, "If I am not for myself who will be?" Post Russian Revolution election, non-Bolshevik parties were at that time still tolerated by the regime.
a girl with long red hair standing in front of five other girls'hands on top of her head
14 Untranslatable Yiddish Words Explained
a girl standing in front of a brick wall under a black cloud with the words schlimazzi on it
A Chronically Unlucky Person
Someone who is a bit of a dreamer - literally means 'air person' Beautiful Series, Explained, Illustrations
Someone who is a bit of a dreamer - literally means 'air person'
an old book cover with a man holding a cane
an old woman wearing glasses and holding her hands up to her face with the words which yiddish word describes you?
Which Yiddish Word Describes Your Personality?
Which Yiddish Word Describes Your Personality?
an older woman wearing glasses sitting in front of a book shelf
Shmad Ballads Performed by Zelda Roif and Libe Manuel
Shmad Ballads Performed by Zelda Roif and Libe Manuel - On the Yiddish Song of the Week blog
an old fashion photo of a woman standing next to a lamp
My Ear-Trumpet Has Been Struck By Lightning
Actress Bertha Kalich (1874-1939), date unknown. “Known for her majestic bearing, great beauty, and fine diction, Bertha Kalich was the first female actor to make the transition from the Yiddish to the English stage. Critics called her the “Jewish Bernhardt” and she herself later estimated that she had played some 125 roles in seven languages during her long theatrical career. Kalich was one of the great stars of the golden age of the American Yiddish theater and, for a time, a leading light...
The only truly dead are those who have been forgotten. - Jewish Proverb #proverbs #quotes Meaningful Quotes, Wisdom Quotes, Words Of Wisdom, Proverbs Quotes, Respect
The only truly dead are those ... : Jewish Proverb
The only truly dead are those who have been forgotten. - Jewish Proverb #proverbs #quotes
the magnetic poetry kit includes words that will make your bubble level spell fun for kids
Magnetic Poetry - Yiddish Kit - Words for Refrigerator - Write Poems and Letters on The Fridge - Made in The USA
Yiddish magnetic poetry set
an old man sitting at a table with a book in front of him and the words, a half truth is a whole lie
World of Proverbs
World of Proverbs - Famous Quotes: Jewish
a drawing of a clock with words written in hebrew and english on the bottom half of it
illustrated Yiddish proverbs, sayings, insults, curses, aphorisms and idioms, in Yiddish with YIVO transliteration and English translation
Yiddish: Words should be weighed, not counted.