Tres vistas de una hermosa cocina moderna.

In this kitchen, a large window provides lots of natural light to the mostly wooden kitchen. Exposed shelves are used to store recipe books, and the kitchen has achieved a contemporary look by not including hardware on the cabinets.


Most cooks appreciate every scrap of storage space allotted to their kitchen, big or small, urban or suburban

Adelgazo 1 kg por día, simplemente porque en la noche bebo un vaso...

Adelgazo 1 kg por día, simplementkie porque en la noche bebo un vaso.

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I had one of these, i so miss it, but my daughter gets to use it at our old house so I guess it is ok :) genius storage idea.this is actually in the house that I am trying to buy right now! I hope I get it

Lotsa space in kitchen is a must!

If we choose to do a kitchen in the island, then I like this backsplash around the stove. It separates the stove a bit from the rest of the island. Also kitchen cabinet colors (light ones on outside, dark in island)