Backyard landscapes

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the patio is lit up with candles and blankets
Alis Kalimero Blog
an outdoor living area with couches, tables and potted plants in the foreground
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Vase Fountain Kits
Blue Thumb's Fountain Kits are delivered right to your door ready to install. All the parts you need for a hassle free installation are included. Instructions come with every kit to ensure the fountain is installed properly so it can be enjoyed for many years.
an outdoor seating area with chairs, tables and trees in front of a brick building
New patio
an outdoor fire pit surrounded by umbrellas
A Major Backyard Update—Lessons We Learned from the Big Freeze and Exactly What We Planted This Time Around
an outdoor garden with gravel path leading to a white brick building surrounded by greenery
the steps are made of wood and stone
Macadamia Street