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a hand holding up a black and white flowered cup with gold leaves on it
an orange and blue flower pattern with green leaves on the bottom right hand corner, in full bloom
a mosaic tile table with a colorful bird on it
Mesinha em mosaico beija flor
a cement planter with flowers painted on it
a small potted plant with eyes painted on it's side and flowers in the middle
El Taller de Magnolia | Cursos de Ilustración en Loza Regalos Corporativos
El Taller de Magnolia – Diseño y Taller de Loza Ilustrada, suculentas
a potted plant sitting on top of a wooden table
Suculentas Grandes - El Taller de Magnolia
a bowl sitting on top of a table next to a red and white rug in front of a window
Macetas Pintadas con Diseños Creativos
a line drawing of flowers and leaves
seguime en instagram 👉🏼 @matiztiendadearte 💓💫
a colorful painting on a green canvas with white swirls