Japanese blossom art vector illustration by Lara Allport

Spring blossom provides inspiration for designing textiles, ceramic & art while delighting us with its gentle beauty.

Ancient Greek Mosaic Tray by ~birsenmahmutoglu on deviantART

"Ancient Greek Mosaic Tray by ~birsenmahmutoglu on deviantART" Chapter Mosaic tile to accent or highlight design features.

birds of paradise - Google Search

Wilson’s Bird of Paradise (Cicinnurus respublica) “ The male is a red and black bird-of-paradise with a yellow mantle on its neck, light green mouth, rich blue feet and two curved violet tail.

Islamic Mosaic

Nice detail of an islamic mosaic floor, a bit run down, but still.

japanese paper - Google Search

Hello there and happy Sunday to you all, are you all enjoying your weekend? Today I was desperate to create a card with some of the goodie.

Kerman/ Jame Mosque

Islamic Patterns, Mosques, Ceramic Art, Turkish Tiles, Persian, Iranian, Middle East, Grounds, Color Schemes

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