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Echinocactus horizontalonius


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echinocereus rigigissimus albispinus

echinocereus / wilcoxia

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Stenocactus obvallatus. This genus is notable for it's very marked ribs, usually wavy like this one. They are beautiful plants that flower easily. The genus is easy to identify but the species less so.  #bcss #cacti #stenocactus


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Echinomastus intertextus v.carrizalensis SB725
Echinomastus erectocentrus v. erectocentrus Reddington pass, Tucson AZ


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Listing is for ONE Live rare cactus plant, Echinopsis Famatimensis cluster, hand picked from our California based greenhouse nursery, listing picture taken under nature light with 4.5” pot. About, We are an exotic plant shop based in Los Angeles, California. As a California registered Nursery, it’s our mission to guarantee plants from our shop are healthy and insect/pest free, shipping directly from our greenhouse to your door Shipping, Please allow us up to 3 business days to prepare your order


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a pink flower sitting on top of a green and white potted cacti
echinocereus rigigissimus albispinus
some pink flowers are in a pot on a table next to other pots with plants
there are many different types of cactus in the potted planter area, and one is purple
some very pretty cactus plants in the dirt
a pink flower is growing in a potted plant with rocks and gravel around it
a green cactus with lots of small leaves on it's back end, surrounded by other plants
Echinocactus horizontalonius
a potted plant with green and yellow flowers in it's center surrounded by gravel
pink flowers are growing in a pot on the grass
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Wilcoxia poselgeri
Pseudolobivia/Echinopsis Hybrid involving 18a - 2000.
some pink flowers are in a vase with green stems on the top and one flower is blooming
Cactus is my Religion ...Trichocereus arboricola