Vertical garden

Vertical garden - wedding idea, have picture frames with chicken wire and place moss with flowers in, hang on strong fishing wire Cool for hanging Irish mos. Also cool for planting a garden and keeping the bunny rabbits at bay.

The Future Living House project! I want one! In 2050 I should have enough money to buy one if I'm lucky enough! ;)

I wish more people understood what the word "sustainable" meant instead of thinking its just some word associated with being green. Air, Water, Waste, Food, Energy – Designers Imagining Self-Contained Living Systems

Culture Forest / Unsangdong Architects

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Unsangdong prize winning project “Culture Forest”, a Culture & Art Center located in SeongDong-gu, Republic of Korea (currently nearing completion).By planning eco-friendly the new cultural space will become a dreaming covering cover book cover book

Arquitectura sustentable | Cursos | Desarrollo Humano | Fundación Energizar

I'm really just looking for an excuse to live in a Hobbit house! The roofs in the slideshow (link below) are amazing, especially the.

not all vertical gardens are of this grand scale, and the increasing popularity of utilising the concept in home spaces, is rising.

20+ Cool Vertical Gardening Ideas

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Plaza de Santo Domingo by Mariñas Arquitectos Asociados. Click image for details, and visit the Slow Ottawa 'Plaza' board for more people-friendly urban spaces.

#FLEarth “COR” building, a new building centered around conservation right in our own backyard.


Para Eco House / Tongji University Team

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