Iguazu Falls, Argentina, Brasil... excuse me while i pick up my jaw off the ground.. this is gorgeous! TAKE ME THERE!!!!

Iguazu Falls / Cataratas del iguazú,Brazil Argentina By GRdeA one of the falls is called the devils throat.

Palermo Soho, mi buenos aires querido

Palermo Soho (The cherry blossom girl)

Palermo Soho, Buenos Aires, one of my favourite places to stay in Buenos Aires

Puerto Iguazú, Argentina - One of the most amazing pictures I have ever seen! I can't even imagine how breathe taking it would be in reality.

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There are two theories about the colors of Argentina's flag. One of the theories is that the two blue stripes represents the Rio de la Plata (River of Sliver). White stripes represents the metal sliver. Argentina originates from the Latin word Argentum which means sliver.

Argentina Flag and Door - Buenos Aires LA BOCA district - Fine Art Travel Photography Print -

the salinas grandes, argentina Deep in the desert, you might think this massive dried-up lake is a field of snow-- but upon closer inspection it becomes a 80-square-mile salt flat that glistens like a giant mirror when it rains. The Salinas Grandes are difficult to get to, but people will probably start making the trek once they're over Bolivia's Salar de Uyuni salt flats, which are much more well-known and heavily touristed.

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The Salinas Grandes, Argentina with an salt flat that glistens like a giant mirror when it rains. 17 Places To Travel Before They Get Famous

Iguazu. Argentina

Iguazu Falls (Iguassu or Iguacu) are the biggest waterfalls in the world. Iguazu falls consist of 275 separate falls and is actually bigger than Niagara Falls. It's located on the Border of Paraguay, Argentina and Brazil. (Photo by David Rochas).