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an article about crystal amamamati
Jynx's Fabulous Phantasmagoria — The unshackled King and his followers.
an image of a character sheet for the game frosty briten seltton
Jynx's Fabulous Phantasmagoria
Stat Block, Undead Knight, Guerriero Samurai, The Black Knight, D D Character Ideas
The Black Knight CR3 | Crosshead
the back side of a book with an image of a dragon and other creatures on it
an image of a website page with a dragon on it's back and the words ancient research written below
DnD 5e Homebrew — Arctic Monster Expansion...
an image of a skeleton holding a large knife
Skely-Ton Tunneler – Tiny undead, lawful evil
an article about the creature in this book is very detailed and looks like it's coming
an image of a blue dragon in the middle of a page with text on it