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Shop made tools #6: Ruler Stop

Just a simple ruler stop. The magnet inside holds the ruler tight and ad some friction during precise setting. The last pic is a little tip: I added 2 magnets to my ruler.

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Advertisement Have you ever wondered what to do with small metal items that you gathered in your toolbox? As there is a use for everything and each little piece can be transformed, you shouldn’t throw small

Detalhe de como trazer para o presente um produto fadado a ficar obsoleto.

ECAL graduate Kacper Hamilton has designed a luxury axe with carbon-fibre in its handle and interchangeable heads. Zai CORE Axe by Kacper Hamilton The Zai CORE Axe has one head for felling trees and another for chopping wood, both made of high-carbo

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These Designers Made A Stool Using Offcuts Of Wood And Resin

"Zero per stool" by Hattern, a design studio based in Seoul, South Korea, that focuses on up-cycling waste materials have created a stool from wood offcuts and resin, named ‘Zero Per Stool’.