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the flowers are on the fabric and have been stitched together to make it look like they
2015.05.15CQJPMarch09 | Lisa P. Boni | Flickr
a purple and blue quilt with flowers on it
Block 5
i absolutely LOVE this pattern! What a weird and elegant quilt! #quilt #quilting #weird #pattern
a close up of a quilt with many different colors and designs on it, including flowers
One Of The Centre Patches
a close up of a piece of cloth with beads and laces on the edge
Crazy quilting Archives - Page 55 of 55 - Pintangle
an abstract painting with blue and orange colors on it's fabric, including buttons
I ❤ crazy quilting . . . TIFC Feb- An in interpretation of the challenge palette for February. By Fiberdabbler-
a close up of a piece of cloth with flowers on it and beads around the edges
Purple Crazy Quilt Purse Detail
a person is working on some embroiderys with flowers and cats in the hoop behind them
1pc Juego De Bordado Diy Flor Gato Nuevo Bordado Tridimensional Principiante Material Básico De Bordado De Tela Bolsa Con Vendaje De Bordado
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there are many small houses hanging on the wall with ribbons and decorations attached to it
Домики на вешалке или интерьерное украшение.
a decorative pillow with many colorful flowers on it's side and a cat sitting in the middle
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