This is how you get really smooth, lovely satin stitches. Outline in split or chain stitch, fill in the area with chain or long & short stitches, and then do the satin stitch. The underlying stitches support the satin stitch and help it to lay smoothly.

Repiny - fotos más inspiradoras!

Beautiful stitch Easy Craft Ideas embroidered flowers + tons of other embroidery how toos Should you have a passion for arts and crafts an individual will enjoy this cool site!

Repiny - fotos más inspiradoras!

Bordados - for spring embroidered daisy embellishments or coasters cute simple craft for clothes or decor

Flores de tirabuzones

Beautiful bohemian necklaces whipped up from inexpensive items from a local craft shop.

como usar un punzon

embroidery hoops / 3 dimensional w/ buttons / orange felt poppy field / cascading flowers and the green field hoop

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