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a green drink sitting on top of a coaster
the best lemon drop martini recipe is made with only three ingredients and served in coupe glasses
Lemon Drop Martini
This Lemon Drop Martini will make you feel like you are at a high end bar right in your own home. Made with just a few simple ingredients, this martini recipe is going to become your new favorite!
two glasses filled with orange juice and strawberries
Sunset Sangria
This Sunset Sangria is made with orange, strawberry, rum and will quickly become a favorite!
Lavender Cocktails
8 Lavender Cocktails
Unwind in style with our enchanting lavender-infused cocktails! 🌿🍹 Elevate your sipping experience with the soothing aroma and delicate flavor of lavender in every sip. From refreshing lavender lemonades to elegant lavender martinis, discover a symphony of floral notes that will transport your taste buds to a blissful paradise. Sip, relax, and savor the essence of tranquility with these exquisite recipes. 🌸✨ #LavenderCocktails
the pink starburst shots are ready to be served with vodka and lemonade
Pink Starburst Shots and Cocktails - Razzle Dazzle Life
a pink lemonade drink in a glass next to some fruit
Giggle Juice Cocktail - Moscato, Pink Lemonade, Vodka, and Sprite
lemon drop shots with sugar on the rim
Easy Vodka Lemon Drop Shots (3 ingredients)
an instagram page on the iphone shows different types of drinks and what they mean to be
pink lemonade moscato with strawberries and lemons on the side in a glass
Pink Lemonade Moscato Cocktail
a strawberry lemon drop martini in a coupe glass
Strawberry Lemon Drop Martini