gloria vanderbilt bedroom with rosé cumming wallpaper circa 1980 s kitchen Black art lamp. Bedroom interior design and decor ideas + feminin.

The geometric-shaped Lampframe pendants are made from thin wood strips that are joined together to form triangular frames. The overall shape is formed when four of those frames are connected and then clamp around the lamp cord with the aid of magnets. Made by German designer Herr Mandel, the lights are not about hiding the bulb but rather showcasing it, as you would a picture in a frame.

Lampframe Pendant Lamp by Herr Mandel

geometric-shaped lamp frame pendants by German designer Herr Mandel


Walnut lamp by "Funkt Architects", Sofia // 79 Ideas - bulb


Tried & Tested: Blend & Blender Amersfoort


VELA CLASSIC(by VELA DESIGN) My first design line is called "parametric enlightenment", resulting in the "vela classic" lamp, with much more to come.

Suspension en carton | Cardboard Light Bulbs | #spreadthelight

Modern interior design with plywood brings interesting ideas which beautifully mix with contemporary inspirations and create elegantly simple home interiors

Laser cut this lamp is a witty rendition of the cclassic form. Kevin Webby : Lady Jane Table Lamp Timber

Illuminate house in style with chic Lady Jane Table Lamp Timber - Designbuzz

HEKTOR wood lamp  wooden lampshade pendant lighting por IUMIDESIGN

HEKTOR wood lamp, wooden lampshade, pendant lighting, hanging light, wood design

Wooden Lights - wood lamps - pendant lights handmade in Berlin