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two pink umbrellas sitting on top of a table next to a candy bar bag
Trunk Party Desert Table💙❤️
Jungle juice
four jars filled with pickles and fish fillets sitting on top of a table
Kool-Aid Pickles are Sweet and Salty Snacks From the Mississippi Delta
these are so good
Candy Grapes 🍇 🍭 and here’s how to do it!
Candied Grapes | Recipe
Candied grapes
How to: Make Infused Nerds Gummy Clusters!
Diy Delicious Nerd Rope
WARNING!!! Your girlfriend might get addicted to this!😋😋
You'll need: • Last pickle of the jar • Knife to hollow our your pickle • Paper towels • Ya Boy Chamoy Gushers • Slaps or fruit roll ups to wrap your pickle in • Chamoy to cover the pickle • and chili powder or tajin on top!
a bowl filled with assorted candy cubes on top of a wooden table
Juicy Pika Treats
Homemade chamoy
Chamoy strawberries
This Strawberry Tanghulu is so sweet and crunchy
30min · 2 servings Ingredients • 1 cup of sugar • 1/2 cup of water • 12-15 strawberries Instructions • 1. Cut the stems off the strawberries and skewer 3 in one stick • 2. Combine the sugar and water and wait for the sugar to melt (don’t stir! Only swirl or your sugar will crystallize) • 3. Once melted, coat the strawberries and dunk into ice water
a person in white gloves is holding a piece of watermelon on a metal bowl
Mango Michelaquas