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a glass jar filled with lots of different types of necklaces and charms on top of a table
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the instructions to make a t - shirt with cutouts on it are shown in several different ways
DIY Blusa com ombros amarrados
a t - shirt with a cactus on the front and cross at the back, is displayed in a store window
Bleached CACTUS T-shirt - Unisex - Distressed Boho Western Shirt - BULK Discounts Available - Boutique
the instructions for how to make an old pair of shoes with fabric and ribbon ties
Braided Bracelets from Vintage Handkerchiefs
Get gorgeous, shabby chic Anthropologie style for a lot less with this fun, DIY upcycle project. Repurpose a vintage handkerchief / hankie into a vintage-y braided bracelet - it's simple, inexpensive, and easy! I'll take a whole armful, please! #SadieSeasongoods / www.sadieseasongoods.com
two aprons hanging on the wall with different designs and colors, one is made out of
Colorful Crop Tops Look Like You're Wearing the Pages of a Sketchbook • Brown Paper Bag
Illustrator Isa Beniston creates clothing that looks -- and I'd imagine must feel -- like you're wearing the page of a sketchbook.
the back of a woman's white shirt with black laces on her neck
Inspiración DIY: crop tops con gracia & muchos lazos
Dare to DIY: Inspiración DIY: crop tops con gracia & muchos lazos
a wooden chest with a vase and flowers on top next to a sign that says you make my heart smile
DIY Large Stencil Letter Quote - BREPURPOSED
DIY Stencil Letter Quote - brepurposed
several cassette tapes are stacked on top of each other, with the words'80s written in
summer love
it's really rare that I find a picture of bands and I like them all. this is one…