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many different types and sizes of spires on top of buildings
Apr 2010 – Page 2 – Valentin Mandache, architectural historian
a small glass clock tower next to some coins
Reliquary stupa, 1st century-3rd century
Reliquary stupa - Pakistan, Kushan period mid 1st century to early 5th century AD
a white building with pillars and a dome on the top, in front of a white background
three pieces of gold colored metal with beading on them and a glass filled with water
Starburst Crown Coasters
a woman with circles all over her face and hair in front of a gray wall
three metal trays with gold and silver decorations on them, one is holding a pearl beaded necklace
Banish All Dresser Clutter With 1 Easy Trick
a metal spoon with two green beads on it's side and an intricately designed handle
Dagobert Peche, Genius of Ornament
six silver cups and a metal stand on a white background
Cruet Stand | Dresser, Christopher | V&A Explore The Collections
a silver tea kettle with a black handle
Christopher Dresser | Teapot | British, Sheffield | The Metropolitan Museum of Art
a silver cup with a wooden spoon next to it
Jewellery by the contemporary jewellery designer KIRSTY EAGLESFIELD
a group of silver objects sitting on top of a table
Cleto Munari - Design New York Tuesday, December 17, 2013 | Phillips