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Edible Gummy Crystals | Kohakutou Made From Agar Agar

Kohakutou is a Japanese candy made from Agar Agar. The jelly is shaped into crystals and develops a crunchy outer crust but stays chewy inside


Edible Cookie Dough

Edible Cookie Dough recipe and How-To Make it Healthier, Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free and Lower-sugar! With just 7 simple ingredients!

Weed-Infused Sugar Recipe

Weed-infused sugar is another easy way to infuse anything your heart desires; tea, coffee, hot chocolate, you name it. I used brown sugar but this works Weed-infused sugar can be an amazing staple ingredient to making any regular food or drink medicated or a ticket to the moon

Easy Cannabis Chocolate Fudge Recipe

33 reviews
10 minutes

Easy cannabis chocolate fudge recipe, takes only 10 minutes to prepare. Use small batch or regular batch for delicious, sweet, gluten-free edibles.

Starburst Cannabutter Candies

how to make starburst copy cat candies

Cannabis Desserts of All Kinds Recipe Collection Archive

Satisfy your sweet tooth and scroll through a huge recipe archive of cannabis desserts of all kinds, for all tastes, and all seasons.

How to Make Weed Caramel Popcorn | The Cannabis School

Kief Cookies Are the Easiest Edibles to Make

Cooking With Kief Kief had been accumulating in my grinder for some time. I don't smoke it and I had no idea what to do with it. I never considered cooking with kief until an IG friend suggested I try kief cookies. That's when I discovered, I've been missing out! Chocolate chip kief cookies are the easiest

How To Make Weed-Infused Chocolate

This edible will get you as high as a rocket . A recipe for vegan weed-infused chocolate. In only 5 easy steps, this treat is too simple to pass up.

Kushie Brand - Pink Lemonade Straws 160 MG

Our pink lemonade straws are the perfect snack at 10MG per straw

Peanut Butter

We love sharing our recipes for vegan friendly edibles made with love and carefully infused ingredients resulting in amazing vegan edibles. Get ethically lifted!

Cannabis Cookies: Recipe for Marijuana Snickerdoodles

Cannabis Cookies: Recipe for Marijuana Snickerdoodles. The traditional Pennsylvania Dutch recipe gets a medicated makeover.

How to Make Cannabis Caramels in 2019: Recipe & Instructions - Original Weed Recipes

Cannabis Caramels. Not only does it have a ring to it, but these caramels taste great. What I really like about these caramels is that they are easily concealable and simple to make. Not only that, but …

Top 5 Cannabis Recipes on Wake + Bake

It’s been a wild 6 years, hasn’t it? In 2013, I decided to write “The Worlds First Legal Cannabis Cookbook” (Wake + Bake) and started this blog to keep track of experiments and recipes. At fi…