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The Dishmaster M76 & M76XL faucets are the perfect addition to any Mid-century Modern or retro kitchen. Shop online at www.dishmasterfaucet.com

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LOVE this very unusual Modern 1949 kitchen. Amazing cabinets, cool island refrigerator. All around full marks.

Post War Vintage | From the 40s, 50s, 60s & 70s

LOVE this very unusual Modern 1949 kitchen. Amazing cabinets, cool island refrigerator. All around full marks.

Are '80s Kitchens Making a Comeback?

Are ’80s Kitchens Making a Comeback?

Yes, even those "French" blue cabinets are showing up again.

Awesome aqua retro kitchen. Notice the Dishmaster Faucet! www.dishmasterfaucet.com

Create a large, fabulous retro kitchen and breakfast room for less than $6,000 - Carrie did it! -

Before… After… Carrie was on a mission to bring a derelict kitchen space back to life, using vintage materials, and once she set her mind to..

Retro kitchen remodel featuring a Dishmaster M76 faucet. www.dishmasterfaucet.com

Sarah's "super economical" retro kitchen remodel featuring salvaged vintage wood cabinets -

Sarah loved the vintage charm of the original kitchen in her 1950 mid century modest home, but after years of service it was looking tired..

The 1948 Dishmaster faucet.  Looks right at home in this retro kitchen in Brooklyn. Dishmaster still carries vintage/retro faucets!! www.dishmasterfaucet.com

Cullen's vintage Dishmaster kitchen faucet - installed -

Cullen has added a circa-1948 Dishmaster faucet to his Brooklyn apartment, which is chock full of vintage wonders.

A midcentury dream kitchen. -RetroRenovation.com

Welcome to Retro Renovation®! -

Meet Pam -- founder of RetroRenovation.com -- and see how Retro Renovation became the go-to place for retro enthusiasts.

Back to the future pool house- Retro Renovation.  Notice the Dishmaster Faucet! #Dishmaster #Retro #Kitchen

Nancy's back to the future pool house - built in 2012, rockin' 1955 - 16 photos -

Hop into the DeLorean and buckle up, because here’s one of our most retro-fabulous design dream houses yet: Nancy’s pool house — all new, from..

Handheld dishwasher. Get hot, soapy water at the touch of a button then simply release the button for a clear water rinse.  Scrape, wash and rinse, all in one easy motion. It saves energy, detergent and water by using only what you really need to wash your dishes. Dishmaster Faucet - M76XL Imperial Four. #midcenturymodern #kitchen #faucet www.dishmasterfaucet.com