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a book shelf with books and plants on it
Maida Avenue, Little Venice - Gunter & Co Interiors
Maida Avenue, Little Venice – Gunter & Co Interiors
a dining room with white chairs and wooden table
Baranee Park Romklao by N7A Architects
Consulta este proyecto @Behance: “Baranee Park Romklao by N7A Architects”
a black bowl sitting on top of a wooden shelf next to a light in a room
The East Hotel in HangZhou ,design by Andy Zon .
a drawing of a desk and chair with measurements
someone out there reckon these dimensions worked. who knows something to use as point of reference
a dining room table is set for christmas dinner with silverware and candlesticks
an office with lots of desks and chairs in front of two large windows that look out onto the street
BlackLABoratory // BlackLAB Architects
office | "blacklaboratory" | by blacklab architects.
the side of a building with wood panels on it's face and bottom part
Gallery of Venture Capital Office Headquarters / Paul Murdoch Architects - 12
an open door with vertical slats on the outside and inside, leading into a room
Red Hill Residence by SJB
Red Hill Residence by SJB
an advertisement for a furniture manufacturer and exporter, with the image of a dining table surrounded by chairs
Home - Luchetti Krelle
ACME restaurant, Rushcutters Bay, Australia. Design by Luchetti Krelle. Photography by Michael Wee.
an office with glass walls and wooden doors
Little Group by Mim Design
Little Group by Mim Design
a desk with a laptop on it next to a bookshelf
Design Stack House Home
Design Stack House Home