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the pattern is shown in chinese and has an intricate design on it's side
ϲ����һ����ʽ������������ - ���ݵ���־ - ���ײ���
an image of a pattern for a building with flowers on the top and bottom half
Российский Сервис Онлайн-Дневников
an image of a woman wearing a blue crochet sweater and black top with red beads
Tank Top Outfit
the crochet pattern is shown in three different colors
Ажурные веера.
a woman with her hands on her stomach and an image of crocheted fabric
"Просто понравилось!", - интересные идеи из моих подписок
a crocheted sweater with hearts on the front and back, in white yarn
a red crocheted sweater hanging on a hanger next to a white wall
Mi primer jersey! / My first sweater!
a woman wearing a green crochet sweater talking on her cell phone
Из коллекции «Тёплые кофты крючком»
crochet patterns are shown in two different colors, one is blue and the other is white
Букет голубых фиалок
the crochet pattern is being worked on with scissors and yarn in this photo
a crocheted jacket hanging on a wooden hanger
the sewing pattern for this jacket is easy to sew
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