Delving Decor: Medieval Barrels by dutchmogul - Thingiverse

Some barrels (in two sizes thus far) for fantasy tabletop gaming or dioramas. Shown with some Reaper miniatures to give an idea of scale.

The Impossible Castle (Ornamental Mobile) by dutchmogul - Thingiverse

"The Impossible Castle" is a location in a world I'm developing for a game. I thought it would make for an excellent ornament, so here

Miniature Queen Anne Coffee Tables by PrettySmallThings - Thingiverse

Print a coffee table to go with your miniature chaise or sofa.

Woodstove1 for Dollhouse by cerberus333 - Thingiverse

"dollhouse furniture" Models to Print - yeggi - page 8

Low poly vase by Skizzors - Thingiverse

To go along with my low poly plate and cup/bowl, I made this low poly vase for you to print and put flowers in while eating off of your low poly plate

Eames House Bird by ibudmen - Thingiverse

A tribute to two of my favorite designers -- A miniature printable version of a black wood bird from the collection of Charles and Ray Eames.

Window and Door in 1:24 scale by HPaul - Thingiverse

Description: There are several files here: a combined door and window on a single file, a door alone, a window alone and the window components on th

Miniature Queen Anne Chaise Lounge by PrettySmallThings - Thingiverse

A scale Chaise for lounging, to match the rest of the parlor set. *This is a Thing in Progress: I edited the leg fitting since printing this t

Miniature Queen Anne Chair by PrettySmallThings - Thingiverse

This is a miniature Queen Anne style chair, designed for use in scale models and dollhouses.

1:24 Round Center Column Table by PrettySmallThings - Thingiverse

Round Center Column Table by PrettySmallThings - Thingiverse

Pillar Ruins Set

Pillar Ruins Set

This is a set of Pillar Ruins, broken various ways to add some variety to your D&D board game or miniature set.

Modular Shrine by Tothe - Thingiverse

Gaming terrain, made of seperate components so I can design alternate versions of each component as I see fit. Update New wall and cap files adde